Ticket Purchase Agreement

Last Updated: May 2022

Hollywood.com, LLC (“Hollywood.com,” “we,” “us,” or “our”) strives to deliver an easy and enjoyable ticket purchasing experience. In this Purchase Agreement, “you” or “your” refers to any individual or legal entity that purchases, redeems, or otherwise uses any tickets from us.  

How Refunds Work

Want to refund your tickets purchased through the Hollywood.com App? 

You can receive a refund before the printed showtime for any movie tickets purchased through the Hollywood.com App. Hollywood.com does not offer partial refunds or exchanges. Convenience Fees cannot be refunded. For a refund on your entire order not including the Convenience Fee, tap on Request a Refund found on your ticket confirmation screen in the Hollywood.com App. 

Refunds will be processed immediately and are completed up to 10 business days depending on the payment method used. If you have any questions, contact our Customer Concierge team at support@hollywood.com or call us at 833-505-1565

In certain circumstances you may need to visit the theater to request a refund, such as when any portion of your payment was made using a theater rewards card or gift card.  In certain circumstances, a theater may not provide a refund or exchange, so please confirm with your theater whether a refund is available for your order. 

See the full details of Hollywood.com’s Refund Policy in Section 6 of this Purchase Agreement. Or, check out our FAQ.

Other Terms of This Purchase Agreement

This Purchase Agreement constitutes a legal agreement that sets forth the terms and conditions governing your relationship with us. 


1. User Acceptance and Consent to Purchase Agreement 

By making a purchase through Hollywood.com (including through the website and mobile apps owned or operated by us or our corporate parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, or related persons or entities) or redeeming or otherwise using any tickets from us, you acknowledge and accept the terms and conditions of this Purchase Agreement.  Hollywood.com reserves the right to change this Purchase Agreement from time to time at its sole discretion.  You agree to check www.hollywood.com/purchaseagreement periodically for changes to this Purchase Agreement.  We will also provide you with notice of any changes to Section 2 of this Agreement that are materially adverse to you to the email address or mobile telephone number that you have provided to us. If you do not agree to this Purchase Agreement, do not purchase any tickets from Hollywood.com.  By purchasing tickets or otherwise continuing to use our website or mobile apps following any changes to this Agreement, you will be deemed to have agreed to such changes.

2. Binding Individual Arbitration 

Most customer concerns can be resolved by contacting our customer service department.  In the event that customer service is unable to resolve a complaint to your satisfaction, this section explains that any dispute involving you and us shall be resolved through individual arbitration.  “Dispute” means any claim or controversy related to us or our relationship with you including claims for relief and theories of liability of any kind or nature whatsoever, claims that arose before this or any prior agreement between you and us, claims that arise after the expiration or termination of this Agreement, and claims that are currently the subject of a purported class action litigation in which you are not a member of certified class. This arbitration provision and the definition of dispute shall be broadly interpreted.  Notwithstanding the foregoing, disputes relating to the scope, validity, or enforceability of this arbitration provision shall not be subject to arbitration.  In addition, either you or we may elect to bring an individual action in small claims court if the claim is not aggregated with the claim of any other person and if the amount in controversy is properly within the jurisdiction of the small claims court of the jurisdiction in which you reside.  Disputes regarding your misuse of our intellectual property or your abuse, fraud, or misuse of our services and any hardware, software, website, computer, or cloud storage related to the delivery of our services shall not be subject to arbitration.

You or we may elect to resolve any claim by individual arbitration through the American Arbitration Association (AAA) by visiting its website (www.adr.org) or calling its toll-free number (1-800-778-7879).  You may deliver any required or desired notice to us by mail to: Hollywood.com, 2255 Glades Road Suite 221A Boca Raton, FL 33431 Attn: Legal Department/Arbitration.  Claims are decided by a single neutral arbitrator pursuant to AAA’s rules governing consumer disputes in effect when the claim is filed, except where those rules conflict with the terms of this Purchase Agreement in effect when you notify us about your dispute, in which case the terms of this Purchase Agreement shall control.  If your demand for relief exceeds $50,000, we shall have the right to require that the arbitration include pre-hearing motions for summary judgment and a live hearing on the merits, even if AAA’s rules do not provide for those procedures. Unless you and we agree otherwise, any arbitration hearing will take place at a location convenient to you in the area where you use our website or mobile apps; or, if you reside in a location outside the area where you use this website, then any arbitration hearing will take place at a location convenient to you in the county where you reside.  Because this Purchase Agreement involves interstate commerce, the terms of the Federal Arbitration Act will control.  

If arbitration is chosen by any party, neither you nor we will have the right to litigate that claim in court or have a jury trial on that claim.  Whether in court or in arbitration, you and we agree to waive the right to a trial by jury.  Further, you and we will not have the right to participate in a representative capacity on behalf of the general public, or as a member of any class pertaining to any claim subject to arbitration.  Rather, the claim will be arbitrated on an individual basis.  There will be no right or authority for any claims to be arbitrated on a class action basis or on bases involving claims brought in a purported representative capacity on behalf of other consumers or other persons similarly situated.  The arbitrator may award relief only in favor of the individual party seeking relief.  The arbitrator may not consolidate one person’s claims with any other person’s claims for any purpose, including pre-hearing procedures, discovery if any, briefing, and/or hearing.  This waiver of class actions and collective relief is an essential part of this arbitration provision and cannot be severed from it.  The other terms of this arbitration provision are severable.

Arbitration procedures are generally simpler than the rules that apply in court, and discovery is more limited and may not be available at all in some cases.  The arbitrator’s decisions are as enforceable as any court order and are subject to very limited review by a court.  The arbitrator’s decision generally will be final and binding.  The arbitrator shall issue a reasoned written decision that explains the arbitrator’s essential findings and conclusions.  The arbitrator’s award may be entered in any court having jurisdiction over the parties only if necessary for purposes of enforcing the arbitrator’s award.  An arbitrator’s award that has been fully satisfied shall not be entered in any court. Other rights you or we would have in court may also not be available in arbitration.

If your claim seeks more than $75,000, the payment of AAA’s or fees and costs will be governed by the AAA’s rules.  If your claim seeks $75,000 or less than $75,000 in the aggregate, the payment of the AAA’s costs and AAA’s fees above the consumer’s filing fee will be Hollywood.com’s responsibility.  However, if the arbitrator finds that your dispute was frivolous or brought for any improper purpose (as measured by the standards set forth in Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 11(b)), the payment of AAA’s fees and costs shall be governed by the AAA Rules and you shall reimburse us for all fees and costs that were your obligation to pay under the AAA’s Rules.  Notwithstanding anything in this Arbitration provision to the contrary, we will pay all fees and costs related to arbitration that we are required by law to pay.

If you do not wish to arbitrate disputes, you may decline to have your disputes with us arbitrated by notifying us in writing within 30 days of your first access to or use of our website or mobile apps, by contacting us at legal@hollywood.com, or by mail to Hollywood.com, 2255 Glades Road Suite 221A Boca Raton, FL 33431 Attn: Legal Department/Arbitration.  Your written notification must include your name, address, telephone number and a clear statement that you do not wish to resolve disputes with us through arbitration.  Your decision to opt out of this arbitration provision will have no adverse effect on your relationship with us or your use of our website or our mobile apps.

3. Orders and Payment

We accept all major credit cards as well as certain digital wallets, promotional codes, and gift cards.  We do not accept single-use payment cards.  

We do not control ticket inventory or availability.  For fraud protection, there is a limit of ten tickets per order.  If you encounter any problems placing an order, please contact Hollywood.com customer service at support@hollywood.com or 833-505-1565 to complete your order.  

4. Pricing

Ticket prices vary by theater and may fluctuate due to a variety of factors.  Unless otherwise prohibited by law, if you purchase any tickets that are not supposed to be released for sale or the amount you pay is incorrect due to human error or electronic malfunction, we reserve the right to cancel your ticket(s) and, if appropriate, issue a refund to your method of payment.  

5. Redeeming Tickets

After completing an order, you will receive an order confirmation and instructions for how to redeem your tickets.  The instructions may vary by theater.  Please remember to bring your tickets (printed and/or electronic) and identification to the theater. Tickets are not transferable.

6. Refunds and Exchanges 

Before purchasing tickets, you should confirm all of the details of your order.  Refunds and exchanges are available only in limited circumstances.  

A refund will return the value of the tickets you purchased to the method of payment used for the transaction, minus the convenience fee(s) and subject to certain eligibility restrictions described in this Agreement.  The convenience fee charged for your purchase is not refundable.  Amounts paid with gift cards will not be refunded; instead, they will be credited for future ticket purchases.  If you use a promotion code to purchase a ticket, the amount paid with the promo code will be forfeited and is not refundable.  If tickets are otherwise discounted or free, the discounted or free portions of the purchase price will be forfeited and are not refundable.    

You may initiate a refund using an online automated tool accessible via your Hollywood.com account available through the website, mobile app, or your purchase confirmation email.  You may be directed to Hollywood.com customer service to complete your refund.  

You are eligible for a refund (minus any convenience fees) or exchange only if you: (1) are seeking a refund or exchange of an entire order (Hollywood.com does not offer any partial refunds or exchanges); (2) initiated the refund or exchange prior to showtime for any of the tickets included in your purchase; (3) used a qualifying form of payment (except that gift cards purchases can be exchanged but not refunded) to pay for the transaction; and (4) already have a Hollywood.com account or you create one during the initiation of a refund or exchange.  Refunds may take up to 10 business days to be credited to your original method of payment.

In certain circumstances you may need to visit the theater to request a refund, such as when any portion of your payment was made using a theater rewards card or gift card.  In certain circumstances, a theater may not provide a refund or exchange, so please confirm with your theater whether a refund is available for your order.  

Hollywood.com reserves the right to refuse to refund a ticket purchased or otherwise acquired through a subscription, membership or loyalty program.  Additionally, even if Hollywood.com allows such a refund or exchange, Hollywood.com will have the right to provide the refund or credit to the operator of such subscription, membership or loyalty program instead of to you.  If that happens, you should contact the operator of that subscription, membership or loyalty program for any customer service inquiries.

7. Consent to Be Contacted / Sharing Your Personal Information

When you purchase tickets, we may contact you via e-mail, phone call, and/or text message at the email address(es) and phone number(s) provided to explain how to redeem your tickets or to complete the transaction. With your prior written permission, we may contact you to send one or more subsequent emails, phone calls, or text messages to rate-and-review the movie, or for advertising or promotional reasons. Phone calls or text messages may be sent via autodialer or prerecorded voice and will vary in frequency. Wireless charges may apply. All collection, use, and sharing of your Personal Information will be governed by our Privacy Policy.

8. Pricing and Taxes 

We sell tickets on behalf of theaters.  We do not operate those theaters and we do not set ticket prices, determine show times, or control ticket availability or inventory.  Sometimes, states or local jurisdictions may tax tickets or impose convenience fees or other fees.  Unless taxes are listed separately, prices displayed are inclusive of any such taxes and reflect the “grossed-up” amounts.  

9. Disclaimers

Theaters reserve the right, without refund of any amount paid, to refuse admission to or eject any person whose conduct is deemed disorderly or who fails to comply with theater or venue rules or local laws, which may include, but are not limited to, a requirement to consent to search, restrictions on what items you may bring. We do not set any theater rules, but you understand that you must comply with such rules to use any tickets purchased from us and that you have no expectation of privacy at the theater.  Breach of these rules may terminate your license to attend the event, and you will not be eligible to receive a refund or exchange.  

We are not responsible for the conditions at the theaters.  By purchasing tickets from us, you 

assume all risks incidental to the event for which a ticket is issued. To the fullest extent permissible under applicable law, Hollywood.com disclaims all liability for conditions or events that may occur at the theaters, and you expressly waive any and all claims you might have against us that arise from such conditions or events.

10. Privacy Policy 

By purchasing tickets from us, you also agree to the Hollywood.com Privacy Policy posted at www.hollywood.com/privacy as it may change from time to time.  To the extent there is any conflict between this Agreement and the Privacy Policy, this Purchase Agreement will control.

11. Unlawful Resale of Tickets; Promotions

Unlawful resale (or attempted resale), counterfeit or copy of tickets is grounds for seizure and cancellation without compensation. Certain maximum resale premiums and restrictions may apply in some jurisdictions and we cannot be responsible for providing legal advice regarding resale or pricing of tickets. You are responsible for complying with all applicable ticket resale laws. In addition, we reserve the right to restrict or deny ticket purchasing privileges to anyone that we determine to be, or has been, in violation of our policies. Because we do not guarantee the authenticity of tickets purchased from any non-authorized third-party reseller (such as brokers or individuals), we recommend that you purchase tickets directly through us, authorized partners or from the venue box office to ensure ticket authenticity. Tickets may not be used for advertising, promotions, contests or sweepstakes, unless formal written authorization is given by us.

12. Miscellaneous

If any provision of this Agreement is deemed to be void, voidable, invalid, or unenforceable, the remaining portions of this Agreement shall be severable and shall remain in full force and effect.